Юлия Михальчик призналась в анорексии
The former participant of the popular teleproject “Factory of stars” Julia Mikhalchik recently visited the Studio of the program “Live healthy!” with Elena Malysheva.

Юлия Михальчик призналась в анорексии

Julia first decided to talk about the fact that after the end of the project became seriously ill with anorexia. In the end, its weight reaches 40 pounds.

Юлия Михальчик призналась в анорексии

“I had done it alone, she appointed a diet… And then you’re so used to this way of eating when you have no carbohydrates in General – a lot of things there. I’m starting to think I can recover from eating candy, for example, from a glass of milk… And it turns into agony. You can’t get out of this state,” said the girl.

According to Julia, had saved her parents who put her in the hospital, where she stayed for a month.

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