Юлия Меньшова будет вести новые шоу
The other day the TV presenter Julia Menshov disappointed fans, announcing the closure of the program “Alone with all”.

Юлия Меньшова будет вести новые шоу

And she assured that it was entirely her decision. Now it became known that Menshov is not leaving the First channel and will soon appear in the new show.

“We have agreed on new projects that are currently under development. The professional version is not dissolved and running at full speed. And we hope to see you in the new season, with new forces and new ideas!” – told the TV presenter.

The channel also confirmed this information.

“We supported her decision and are now working with Julia on two new projects, which viewers will see on the Ground in the new season”, – said the representatives of the First channel.

Let’s see what kind of program Julia will appear and you will be able to catch the fancy of the audience in the new show.

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