Julia Lipnica is experiencing due to injury

Юлия Липницая переживает из-за травмы The Olympic champion will not take part in Skate America, which will be held in Chicago in late October. Lipnitskaya took the Grand Prix in figure skating for medical reasons. Julia commented on the incident in one of his social networks.

      Today in a press there was an information that the 18-year-old athlete Yulia Lipnitskaya will not take part in the first stage of Grand Prix on figure skating Skate America, which will be held from 21 to 23 October in Chicago. The fact that the Olympic champion aggravated an old injury. This happened after Yulia’s participation in the international tournament in Bratislava, where the girl took the second place.

      Alexander Gorshkov, the President of Federation of figure skating of Russia, the journalists expressed hope that Yulia will recover in a few weeks. Maybe Lipnitskaya will take to the ice in the Moscow stage of the series, which will be held 4-6 November at the “Megasport”. However, according to the regulations of the Grand Prix series and the rules of the International skating Union, in the final may participate only athletes who competed in the early stages of the series. This means that Julia will not compete in the final stage of the famous competition.

      In one of his social networking, the Olympic champion commented on his exit from the Grand Prix.

      “To survive, to go further”, – said Yulia Lipnitskaya in Instagram.

      Fans of the sportswoman were quick to support her and to wish a speedy recovery. “Fight to the last, we are with you!”, “Honey, everything will be fine”, “you’re our Girl! You can’t even imagine how hurt I was to hear about your injury. Don’t worry, because it is a sport. Hang in there, sweetie!”, “Julia, good luck, and it will pass”, “Stay strong,” – these words of support wrote fans Lipnitskaya in the comments to the publication.

      After the news about the exclusion of Lipnitskaya Skate America journalists began to speculate about who will replace the well-known athlete. Besides it, Russia was also declared 16-year-old skater Seraphim Shanovich.

      Recall that last year, Yulia Lipnitskaya was sixth at Skate America, and the first time went to Russian Evgenia Medvedeva. Ayla has performed on the French stage of the Trophee Bombard, getting on the end of his silver medal.