Julia Kovalchuk turned to the newborn daughter

Юлия Ковальчук обратилась к новорожденной дочери The singer has revealed the first photo of the baby.The young woman confirmed that it was the mother and thanked the doctors who helped the girl to be born. Fans rushed to congratulate the actress and wish her family happiness.

Julia Kovalchuk and Alexei Chumakov long enough to hide that will soon become parents. Only recently the couple has officially confirmed the impending happy event. However, the singer was in no hurry to talk about their everyday life in the status of a pregnant woman.

October 14, the actress still cheered the news that I became a mom. She posted the photo, which was sealed by the legs of her daughter.

Fans congrats Kovalchuk and Chumakova with the birth of his daughter

“There is a world of words, there is no emotion that can describe this new feeling. Now like no time. There is inexplicable love and dependence. Thank God, beloved and all the doctors who was there for your daughter,” – wrote in Instagram singer.

Fans were delighted with a touching post and rushed to congratulate the young mother. “Julia and Alex, this is such a great joy. You’ve been waiting for. Be happy”, “how lovely. I hope the baby will grow up beautiful and clever”, “I Sincerely wish your family happiness. Now, in your and Alex’s life will be twice the love,” wrote fans Kovalchuk.

Recall that the baby was the first child for Julia and her husband Alexey Chumakov. The artists have been together for almost ten years. Fans repeatedly asked why the couple still were not parents, but they tactfully left from the answer.

Earlier, Alex told me that is very much concerned about the imminent arrival of the baby. The man doubted whether he be present during childbirth. Julia on the contrary was looking forward to the birth of a daughter.

Chumakov afraid to attend the birth of Kovalchuk

Till the stars announced the name and weight of the newborn baby. Vapor strives to protect personal life from unwanted attention from fans.

“I’m sure you’ll understand why we so carefully and accurately refer to this event and not advertise him for a long time. I am grateful to my sensitive fans, who for a long period very carefully expressed their suspicions and energy was there,” said Kovalchuk informed.

Fans are sure that Chumakov and Kovalchuk will be able to become really good, caring parents. However, Julia is definitely not going to stay in the decree. Informed the young woman said that she has a lot of plans and goals for the achievement of which it will have a lot of work.