Юлия Ковальчук увезла дочь в Испанию
Singer carried the baby in warmth.

Julia with her husband Alexey Chumakov

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Julia Kovalchuk with her husband Alexey Chumakov decided to take his three-month daughter from grey Moscow everyday life in Sunny Spain. A month and a half star family will relax in their apartment near Barcelona. Where Julia spent the last few months of pregnancy. By the way, the name Babes star parents continue to hide. According to his mother, Yulia, Svetlana, the secret will reveal after the christening.

To Julia and Alex could work in peace, and they are very dense
chart, Svetlana moved from Volgograd region
The suburbs, closer to their family home.

“We live now
literally across the road from each other. Very convenient, and if I
always there. Like to be with her granddaughter when Julia and Alex are busy. I
a lot of play with her, walk in the fresh air,” says mom Julia.

New year artists held a family costume party. «Each
of us dressed in costume of the animal in whose year he was born. I had a cat, Alex
— cock Julia — yellow dog, and granddaughter, we dressed up in festive
Christmas bodysuit, embellished with sequins”, — said Svetlana