Julia Kovalchuk spoke about her husband’s infidelity

Юлия Ковальчук заговорила об изменах мужа
The singer described a possible lover Alexey Chumakov.

Julia Kovalchuk and Alexei Chumakov

Photo: @juliakovalchuk (Instagram Yulia Kovalchuk)

Julia Kovalchuk doesn’t like to talk about the relations with Alexey Chumakov. From the beginning of his novel artists carefully concealed from the curious their feelings to each other. Celebrity couple, unlike many other colleagues in show business, nine years later, still does not make “dirty linen in public” and committed fans details his personal life. But recently the singer made an exception to the rule and became the guest of the Studio of the program “Wife. Love story” with the Kira Proshutinskaya. Julia said that he had come to shoot the show in particular in order to prevent appearing regularly, due probably to lack of information, gossip about her marriage. Among other things, Kovalchuk has commented on the rumors about the fact that Chumakov allegedly cheating on her.

Julia confirmed that it is in a rather delicate situation, because among the fans of her husband are very striking the fairer sex, but she never sees them as rivals. “Those women who really love Alexei very wealthy and beautiful women. But I know what jealousy and this jealousy has nothing to do with his groupies!” says Kovalchuk.

The performer, after thinking a little, said, she supposes that her husband might in the future meet on the side of a new love, but it must be a unique woman. That is why, this possibility, according to Julia, is practically reduced to zero. “I know very well Alex. I know it must be just incredibly interesting in every sense of the woman that Alex wanted to destroy what took so long to build — shared Julia. I hope that this woman doesn’t. But life is unpredictable… I can only do everything so he doesn’t have any desire to even look at a woman like that!” By the way, in response to a direct question of the presenter about cheating on her once husband, Kovalchuk said ironically: “Well… I anyway don’t know about it!”

By the way, Julia also spoke about the fact that she and her husband have been preparing for the appearance of children in their home. They both really want to be parents.