Julia Kovalchuk showed how things have changed after childbirth

Юлия Ковальчук показала, как изменилась после родов
The singer posted a fresh photo.

Photo: Instagram

Julia Kovalchuk for the first time became a mother just over a month ago. In the first month of life the long-awaited daughter, she has managed to share his joy with fans, to talk about the first difficulty, to build a new schedule, and even once to go out.

The figure of the singer, judging by the photos, it is not affected by pregnancy. Julia was never inclined to corpulence, and the couple of extra pounds, from which the star has not yet got rid of, on the contrary, gives it a special charm.

But the face Kovalchuk has changed pretty much. It was noticed by the singer’s fans when “freshly baked” mommy has published its “first post-partum selfie”.

Many noted that apparently Julia began to look much more relaxed and peaceful than before. In her eyes, happiness and a bit of fatigue. The latter, incidentally, quite normal, given that the star prefers to take care of a newborn, without resorting to the services of nannies. While Kovalchuk only helps her mom: she is a good support for Julia when she needed to go somewhere or to sleep a few hours.

By the way, because the same few extra pounds some of the haters suspected Kovalchuk in plastic. Supposedly she has managed to pump up your lips and “work” with an oval face. But these rumors, of course, have nothing to do with reality. Even if Julia wanted to do something with your face with the help of a plastic surgeon, she wouldn’t have to do it immediately after birth.