Julia Kovalchuk shared the first details of motherhood

Юлия Ковальчук поделилась первыми подробностями материнства
The singer has forgotten what sleep is.

Photo: Instagram

Julia Kovalchuk first became a mother 10 days ago. 34-year-old singer gave birth to a daughter for her beloved husband Alexei Chumakov They are together for many years, but decided on birth until now.

Childbirth Julia gone in one of elite maternity homes of Moscow. Chumakov doubted whether to attend the birth, and at the last moment got! And have not regretted.

“A man must be in this place. You see the “Holy of holies”, the magic. It’s not disgusting, not scary and awful. The epicenter of everything beautiful — the birth of man. I saw the birth and for me this is the main indicator of the fact that magic exists. Man is obliged to be there because it changes the world,” — said Alexey recently in a television interview.

A few days after the baby into the light Julia returned home. Despite the fact that it helps the mother, time the artist is a little to short.

“While I don’t always have time to just reply to SMS friends, not to take a picture, she says. — I will be without sadness to remember how I had, for example, half an hour of free time to just lie down. Now this is luxury! A luxury that I am a million times ready to exchange for my mother’s happiness!”

But fans happy that Kovalchuk got some time to make them “pregnant” photos in a personal blog. Julia until the last month hiding from the public his interesting position, so the beautiful photos she had accumulated a lot. Here is the star and “off”!