Юлия Ковальчук вернулась к работе в собственной школе
The singer returned to the usual rhythm of life.

Julia Kovalchuk

Photo: Dmitry Alexandrov

Some time ago — even before the long-awaited pregnancy — Julia Kovalchuk opened his own school. She got the best of professionals — psychologists, nutritionists and fitness trainers, called himself the mastermind behind the project (and all clients too) and started to instill in all girls ‘ faith in their own strength and to learn to deal with their own bad habits.

The project was quite successful, despite the fact that such schools are now on the “market” quite a lot. Still, the story of Yulia, who grew up a normal girl in the provincial city of Volzhsk. Having no special talents, but if you have lofty goals and incredible capacity for work and perseverance, she managed to achieve success and become a star.

Today, Kovalchuk can be quite your life. She’s successful, she has a lovely husband — Alexey Chumakov, a wonderful daughter, fanbase and financial stability. About real estate in the Moscow suburbs and on the beach in Spain, too, will not be forgotten.

Now, after almost a year break in the work of Julia gradually begins to return to normal life. She appears on the set of the TV show, has already held a couple of fashion photo shoots, writing new songs and preparing to release another album. And also returns to working on his school project. In particular, to renew the interest of their fans to their coaches webinars, Julia decided to play a certificate for free online classes.

“New Year is a great reason to radically change yourself, change your life for the better!” — said Kovalchuk.