Юлия Ковальчук ищет репетитора
The singer decided to learn Spanish.

Julia Kovalchuk

Photo: Philip Goncharov

A few years ago, Julia Kovalchuk and Alexei Chumakov has acquired real estate
Spain, and since then as soon as the couple comes to free time, they fly in
Barcelona. In an interview 7days.ru the singer said she plans to learn Spanish to feel
themselves in this country more freely. But
apparently, due to the heavy workload she did not have the opportunity to learn. Now Kovalchuk
remembered about your desire to learn Spanish and looking for a good tutor.

In the microblog Julia asked the subscribers of the Council: “I want
to try to learn Spanish via Skype. Just my hell
irregular schedule, in my opinion, this is the only way! Those who have experience and
results — share! Maybe someone even has tested teachers, ideally
foreigners with knowledge of Russian. Is
any shortcomings in this study?” Of course, fans of Julia immediately responded, began to give advice, share experiences remote

By the way, Yulia Kovalchuk have tried to learn Spanish. ”
really once I took up the tutorial. Managed to understand that the Spanish
the language is quite simple, it is given to me very easily. But then there was a lot of work
and I gave up on training,” said singer and TV presenter.

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