Юлия Ковальчук написала открытое письмо Жанне Фриске
The singer first spoke about the death of her best friend.

Julia Kovalchuk and Zhanna Friske

Photo: Social networks

On the eve of the birthday of Zhanna Friske, friends and family members of the singer shared memories of the artist. Even Julia Kovalchuk, earlier avoided the topic of death are best friends, shared in the revelation. She posted a touching message addressed to Jeanne.

“Happy birthday, our darling girl — wrote Kovalchuk. — I basically do not go to any programs, do not give comments and not dredging up the memory of you, except in your heart, and with people who genuinely love you! I have a thousand photos, and each of them is you have the smell of warmth and divine feminine wisdom. Still you have to learn something, because you’re an encyclopedia… And you’re certainly more than we all know about the world in heart and mind… love!”

But Dmitry Shepelev, a former lover of Joan and the father of her child of Plato, did not publish the memorial posts. But the new publication Friske, appeared in the microblog of her sisters. “Happy birthday baby!” — signed Natalia’s portrait of Jeanne.

Shared story of life Friske and her father Vladimir Kopylov. He remembered that at the age of 16, Jeanne became the main heroine of the clip Sergey Vasyuty for the song “Barefoot girl”. The future star appeared in a video in a wedding gown that, according to his father, played a role in the fact that her daughter is never married. “And they say that not until the wedding to wear the wedding dress is bad luck. Like my real wedding will not live. Maybe it’s in some way played a fatal role”, — said Vladimir KP.