Julia Kovalchuk finally revealed the name of the daughter

Юлия Ковальчук наконец-то раскрыла имя дочери
The singer spent six months hiding the name of her baby girl.

Julia Kovalchuk

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Fans of Yulia Kovalchuk and her husband Alexey Chumakov know that this pair doesn’t like to dwell on his personal life. Information about the long-awaited pregnancy of the singer surfaced on the Internet just because the secret is accidentally revealed Irina Turchinskaya with which Kovalchuk has collaborated in the project “School of success”. And the birth of the singer has unveiled the medical staff of the clinic, where was born her daughter. However, the date of birth of the baby indicated incorrectly: “I gave birth on 12 October, not the 13th, as I write from hearsay, says Kovalchuk. — So the 12th is our family number. I was born on November 12, Lyosha on March 12. Remember how during pregnancy, told my doctor that I really want to give birth to 12th. To which she replied, “Julia, all in God’s hands. But you keep in mind this information, and it may well be that everything will be exactly as you want.” And so it happened!”

The name of the daughter, the singer decided to reveal our publication only six months after the birth of the baby. Julia and Alex decided to name the baby Amelia. Here’s how she Kovalchuk explains this choice:

“This is the name I had when she was still very, very tiny mole on my stomach. And gender was not known. I woke up and said to Alex: “Listen, honey, I saw her. It’s a girl. Her name is Amelia”. And he agreed: “Well, let it be Amelia”. So then we all did not faced the issue of choosing a name. And men’s names we didn’t even consider. Subconsciously felt that it would be a girl from the beginning. I remember when the ultrasound gave us the sex of the baby, we just each other looked up and smiled, because you were sure of that”.

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