Julia Kovalchuk did not know about the change Alexey Chumakov

Юлия Ковальчук не знает об изменах Алексея Чумакова The singer is well aware that her husband like many girls. Julia Kovalchuk said, for what woman can leave her husband. Star believes that her rival must have exceptional qualities.

      Юлия Ковальчук не знает об изменах Алексея Чумакова

      Julia Kovalchuk and Alexei Chumakov considered one of the strongest and exemplary couples of the Russian show-business. Husband and wife successfully build a creative career and for three years, happily living in marriage – a symbolic date for them the star couple said in early October. Alexey Chumakov has congratulated wife on the anniversary

      This Saturday, December 24, the singer and actress became the main hero of the program “the Secret to a million”, where she had to answer, including, and very provocative questions Lera Kudryavtseva on personal life. When the conversation turned to family relations, leading directly asked Yulia Kovalchuk, and what it’s like to be the wife of such a handsome man.

      To answer the question Lera, the wife of Alexey Chumakov start from afar. “I know it seems that we are incredibly inconsistent vapor, said Yulia Kovalchuk. I’m a bundle of energy, I have to get up early, urgently to run somewhere. Alex is quiet, he gets up late, not in a hurry, drinking tea. But well, we quickly realized that you don’t have to redo it and calmed down…”

      “But adultery was?” – asked Kudryavtseva. “Thank God, no,” – said Kovalchuk. “Are you sure?” continued leading. “I didn’t know it wasn’t, quickly found Julia. – I know that my husband is a very handsome man. I know how it react like a whining girl. But I’m quite a confident woman to understand that it must be a very nice girl with a certain set of qualities that he wanted me for her to leave or cheat on me”.

      Kovalchuk added that despite his busy schedule, continuous shooting and recording new songs, they Chumakov always find time to spend alone together.

      By the way, in an interview with Lera Kudryavtseva, the singer admitted that she and her husband passionately dream about the new addition to the family. Julia hoped to have Chumakova at least two kids, but Alex insists on three.

      “I believe that having children is the question of the divine, let’s be honest. We want, we make promise to the Universe, I hope that she will hear us, and it will happen. We are both healthy, and will not resort to any artificial methods. No temporary strap we currently do not set,” – said Yulia Kovalchuk.