Юлия Ковальчук рассекретила имя дочери The singer’s crazy heiress and tries to spend her every free minute. With the care of the child young mother helps parents. For half a year, Julia Kovalchuk and Alexei Chumakov did not advertise, as he called his firstborn.

In October last year, Julia Kovalchuk became a mother for the first time. The singer gave her husband Alexei Chumakov charming girl. About the joyous event in a couple’s life fans have learned from social networks. The actress posted a photo of the baby and admitted he was very happy. “There is a world of words, there is no emotion that can describe this new feeling… Now like no time, and have an inexplicable love and addiction” – shared Kovalchuk in Instagram.

For several months after the completion of the family Julia and Alex chose to hide the name of his daughter. Only in a recent interview, the former soloist of group “Shining” has frankly told about the heiress and declassified her name.

“We named my daughter Amelia. (…) This name had, when she was still very, very tiny mole on my stomach. And gender was not known. I woke up and said to Alex: “Listen, honey, I saw her. It’s a girl. Her name is Amelia”. And he agreed: “Well, let us be Amelia”, – shared the singer with journalists.

According to Julia, they’re with Alex didn’t even consider male names. Wife subconsciously felt that they have a daughter. So when the stars found out the sex of the baby during the ultrasound, they weren’t surprised. Initially, Kovalchuk and Chumakov did not advertise that they are preparing for the completion of the family. Artists don’t like to let strangers in their personal space.

“Then someone has circulated in the media that I had. However, it was inaccurate. And date of birth of a daughter on the Internet specified incorrectly. I gave birth on 12 October, not the 13th, as I write from hearsay, – said the singer. – So the 12th is our family number. I was born on November 12, Lyosha on March 12. Remember how during pregnancy, told my doctor that I really want to give birth to 12th”.

Kovalchuk did not stay too long on maternity leave and returned to work. According to the singer, she can not live without labor. On the other hand, Julia longs every time when she has to leave the child. Caring for Amelia singer help the nanny and the parents. Mother and father Kovalchuk come every day and walk with her granddaughter. According to Julia, loved ones do it at will, not at her request.

“Before the birth of my daughter, I was sure I could handle without help, I will do all the work. But after a month I was scared to look at myself in the mirror I was reminded of zombies. I lacked sleep. Once I caught myself almost fell asleep standing up, nursing the baby,” Julia shared with the magazine “7 days”.