Юлия Ковальчук отметила день рождения дочери
The singer put on a cake candle in mind the number 4.

Юлия Ковальчук отметила день рождения дочери

Julia Kovalchuk

Photo: Instagram

Julia Kovalchuk, becoming a mother, enjoy every minute,
spent with his daughter. And, of course, like many other young mothers, celebrating
every month of her life. Like many parents, while
the child turns a year old, and the daughter of the singer before turn four
month’s. About this star, together with her husband Alexey Chumakov covered
a festive table and even put on the cake, the number “4”. «Most pleasant
holidays, my daughter was 4 months old!”— shared Julia.

By the way, now the star family is in Spain, where they
decided to spend a whole month and a half. Alex and Julia and the baby stayed in owned by
them apartment near Barcelona. That’s where Kovalchuk spent a few
the last months of pregnancy. By the way, the name Babes star parents
continue to hide. According to his mother, Yulia, Svetlana, the secret will open
after the christening.

Julia and Alex could work in peace, and they have a very tight schedule,
Svetlana moved from Volgograd region in Moscow, close to
their family house. “We now live literally across the street from each other. Very
convenient, and, if anything, I’m always here. Like to be with her granddaughter when Julia and
Alex busy. I play a lot with her, walking in the fresh air,” says the mother

Photo: Instagram