Юлия Ковальчук и Алексей Чумаков окрестили дочку
The Ordinance occurred in one of the Moscow temples.

Photo: Instagram

Daughter Julia Kovalchuk and Alexei Chumakov in may was seven months old. Yesterday the baby was one of the first important events in life — baptism. Julia and Alex very rarely tell the details of his personal life, so the information “leaked” from a friend of the family, singer Julia Nachalova.

“Today is a special event in the lives of my friends, she said. — Christening baby Amelie! I heartily congratulate! And let the little thing grows up healthy and happy!”

The ceremony took place yesterday in one of the Moscow temples. Who became godparents girl, not yet known. A star after the christening are finally beginning to show the child in social networks, but Julia and Alex are not in a hurry with the publicity. Want the girl grew up in a relaxed atmosphere without undue attention.

“We are among the star families who don’t like the extra time to allow strangers into your personal space, — said Kovalchuk in interview to magazine “7 Days”. — Of course, sometimes we give a joint interview, as we understand that there are a large number of fans who follow our destinies, and sincerely rejoicing in our victories. My pregnancy wasn’t supposed to become a theme for publication, but, unfortunately, one journalist fraudulently fished out this info by calling jireh Turcinskas with which we collaborated on my “School of Success”. God will judge him, but I think there untouchable topics, and journalists should treat it respectfully! Subsequently, someone has circulated in the media that I had. However, it was inaccurate. And date of birth of a daughter on the Internet specified incorrectly. I gave birth on 12 October, not the 13th, as written hearsay. So the 12th is our family number. I was born on November 12, Lyosha on March 12. Remember how during pregnancy, told my doctor that I really want to give birth to 12th. To which she replied, “Julia, all in God’s hands. But you keep in mind this information, and it may well be that everything will be exactly as you want.” And so it happened!”