Julia Kostyushkin first showed her figure after childbirth

Юлия Костюшкина впервые показала фигуру после родов Wife of Stas Kostyushkin published a picture in a bathing suit. Julia became a mother a little less than six months ago, but has already come in the form in which the audience is accustomed to see her in the “I lose weight”.

      Юлия Костюшкина впервые показала фигуру после родов

      Wife of the famous singer Stas Kostyushkin Julia at the end of last year gave birth to a nice son of Myron. The baby was born on December 10. This is the second child pairs. The doctors allowed the star to start training immediately. As soon as it happened, she went to the gym, and with great enthusiasm began to restore the shape. The first results did not keep itself waiting. In chic dresses Julia began to flaunt at social gatherings after a couple of months after birth. However, to expose her body in front of the fans she was in no hurry.

      And then, finally, came the moment when the followers of the presenter were able to enjoy the view of your cat in a swimsuit. Family Kostyushkina went for may holidays to Europe. Coast of Cyprus warmly opened its arms to the Russian stars. Here Julia became more relaxed and did a photo shoot in a swimsuit at the beach. One of the pictures she shared with fans, which came to a real delight.

      “In 16 years, my first trip abroad was to Cyprus! Experiences was weight, but the biggest one is from a trip to the place where, according to legend, Aphrodite came ashore from the sea foam! We had to swim to the big rock in the sea and touch it, and then it promised, for women, life beauty and longevity! Despite the cold water, teeth chattering, I reached the stone and hung on it for ten minutes, well, so sure. While, like, holding a stamp and Aphrodite does not fail” – laughed Kostyushkina. Needless to say that in response, the followers pelted her with compliments and warm wishes.

      By the way, Julia tells in detail in his microblog about how she goes to the cherished goal – to lose weight. However, many of her fans still continue to be interested in how the star relieve excess weight. Recall Kostyushkina sitting on a strict diet, he works in the gym, don’t shy away from different cosmetic procedures that can help in the fight against the hated kilograms. “Well, judge for yourself: pregnancy started with 70 pounds, was over – 89,5! I now 71,9, four months after birth”, – commented Yuliya their intermediate results.

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