Юлия Костюшкина решилась на мальчишескую стрижку New image for the presenter chose the son, the husband, as well as numerous fans. Julia Kostyushkin decided on a short stylish haircut. Fans endorsed a bold transformation of celebrity and noted that her style has visibly transformed and refreshed.

      TV presenter Julia Kostyushkin eight months ago became a mother for the second time. Now the wife of the soloist of the popular group A-Dessa Stas Kostushkin fully dedicates his time to the care of the family. Only occasionally she appears at various events with her husband and occasionally leads the secular parties.

      Not long ago, Julia decided on a bold experiment with their own style. She decided to change her hairstyle but couldn’t decide what she could do with her hair. For help she turned to the fans who have expressed their opinion which way it will go more.

      “Everybody knows I got a haircut, but it’s not the end of the story. My haircut requires shape and final adjustments! Of course, I already heard how bad I feel and how I’m the bigger man with short hair and, of course, that me and somewhere, in places, very good for you, but my head, my desire, and I decide how to walk! Want to know your opinion, which of the six images I would have gone more! Look, choose what the photos will gain more likes and get a haircut. And interestingly, guess what haircut like Stas and Bogdan?” – such is the task before followers in Instagram put Julia.

      After collecting a huge number of opinions, Kostyushkina still made a decision. Today she showed the result of going to the salon.

      “I think no need to explain which haircut for me Bogdan and Stas, and of course you, my dear! New and updated I went the world to conquer” – happily wrote Julia.

      Fans were surprised by such a radical change to the usual image of a celebrity. They agreed that new haircut really transformed Kostyushkin. “I thought that you choose this option! Very very cool!”, “You will go! You are always amazing, but with that haircut especially!”, “Julia, you all good, all beauty to the face. Super mommy, super girl!” in unison, they supported changes in the way the presenter numerous fans on the social network.

      Photos published Julia Kostyushkin (@karapylka) Aug 11 2016 at 8:46 PDT

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