Yulia Kolert's new track has a powerful rock sound The day before, Julia presented the song “Ships.”

Julia Kolert's new track has a powerful rock sound Famous professionals in their field worked on the recording of the composition Roman Koshkarov, Sergey Kuptsov and sound producer Vladimir Korobka, but, as always, the author came first with emotional poetry, which you want to listen to: “Your three-decker ships will no longer reach the ground – they will drown in their grievances”

And in addition The text is accompanied by the textured sound of 12 live guitars with the drive of a bright solo, dense and voluminous vocals, and then a reading of the chorus in a voice, like a lull before reaching high notes, like a ship rushing through stormy water, cutting the crests into thousands of salty spray.

The track “Ships” is already available for download on leading digital platforms.

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