Юлия Высоцкая: «Я не сижу на диетах, но верю в дисциплину!»
Actress and TV presenter will conduct a motivational lecture on “RESET”.

February 10, at the DI Telegraph will be the first motivational lecture by Julia Vysotskaya “Reset” — about nutrition, sports and healthy lifestyle. “I am involved in a large number of processes associated with food, and all the time I hear the question: “How do you keep this form?”I do not sit on diets, because I don’t believe in them and I believe in discipline. Choke yourself with a lack of lactose, gluten or sugar, I’m not interested — says Julia. — I eat everything. Everything is possible, that’s my word, everything! But in moderation, and knowing when and what to combine. Discipline in food we have, among other things, talk on the lecture”. Vysotskaya and invited experts will tell you how to gain energy and to build an effective relationship with food and sports. You think you’ve heard it all a thousand times? Lecture by Julia Vysotskaya is the author’s approach, based on the physiological behavior of the body under stress of the big city. This inspirational and motivational event that encourages change.

The team of “the Innocents club” is going to turn the meeting into a real celebration. Each guest will prepare an exclusive set of gifts. The project partners will provide an opportunity for the platform to pass a fitness test, will tell about the latest technologies in the manufacturing of sports apparel and approaches to maintaining health. Welcome champagne is guaranteed.

You want to try it yourself or talk to those who have passed their long journey, and with those whose profession is to teach, to heal and to educate? ? The lecture on 10 February Julia and the expert professionals will leave no stone unturned myths and misconceptions! Just waiting for you! ? Tickets online jvclub.ru and kassir.ru!

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