Julia Franz has published a pregnancy test

Юлия Франц обнародовала тест на беременность
The actress decided to teach a colleague.

Julia Franz

Photo: Dmitry Alexandrov

The star of “Univer” Julia Franz on TNT
announced a positive pregnancy test. This did not happen
real life and on set. In one of the new series of the sitcom character
actress Victoria decided therefore to play Anton, what, in her idea, she
was to greatly upset and shock of a young man, well-known by numerous jokes and pranks. However, the joy of the Wiki was replaced with surprise when instead of
in order to terrified, Anton is very happy at this news and immediately went
the baby store to buy baby furniture, toys and clothes for the future baby. This turn will be one of the many unexpected story lines
the new season of the popular series.

As for a real personal life, Franz, at
to the actress, she is currently not Dating anyone. “The man with whom we lived a civil marriage, did not like what I have
public profession. And this is not surprising. Not everyone can accept
with a strange schedule, that’s your girl kisses someone on the site.
My boyfriend couldn’t stand. In General, we have not come family life
Julia spoke in an exclusive interview to magazine “7 days”. — We went with him
to live when I was in College. Then he suffered. He didn’t expect that
I will develop into a career. Thought I would graduate from the University, and everything on it. So with
happens to most, not all graduates of theater schools could
break. And when I began to work with the profession, my young
man this was weird. I don’t blame him. He’s smart and talented, just
for him, my way of life is unacceptable. And I accept his choice. But, in turn,
can’t abandon the profession. Maybe I’m wrong girl but I
never dreamed of a wedding dress. I haven’t had even a short
novels, but while I feel very comfortable. Loneliness hurts me.
The fact that I live in Moscow and do what you love, I call it magic.”