Юлия Франц освоила модные танцы вог
The star of the series “Univer. New Dorm” on TNT found a way to keep the shape better than a workout in the fitness room.

Julia Franz

Photo: from the personal archive of Julia Franz

Julia had a bit of time experimenting with nutrition, trying to
the ideal figure. Tried all sorts of “menu”, bringing themselves to exhaustion and
problems with skin, nails, teeth. Realizing all this, I was done with diet, after which the excess
the weight still comes back — and he developed his own system of power that suits her
best. She taught herself to do without sweet desserts, bakery products and
bread, chose dishes that allow her not to stay
hungry even with small portions. “My usual lunch or dinner is fish or poultry is boiled, a lot
vegetables, and for dessert — fruit, — said the actress. — However, there is in my food and
cons. For example, I do not eat Breakfast. A glass of water, Cup of coffee without sugar is so
all. Do not follow the installation do not eat after six in the evening. Can if I wanted to eat a Burger or sausage. I understand that all is not quite right,
but loyal to my body.”

The star leads an active lifestyle, which is why it is so
liked to dance, not fitness training. “It’s been two months I go to the Studio, focused on
sporty and modern trends. Twice a week dancing VOG —
this style, based on modeling poses and runway walk, it includes
elements of hip-hop and acrobatics. All this is beneficial for plasticity of the body, and
overall health — shared Julia. — Besides, if the role you need
cool dance, but now I can easily do it. I liked the pole dancing. But
it was quite a painful sport, hard work, time consuming,
although ideal for muscle exercise.”

A nice addition to the system of Franz became a massage — like
relaxing and sports with the study of different groups of muscles. In the end, when Julia
the height is 173 cm
supports comfortable for her weight 53 kg.

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