Julia Fox posed on a New York rooftop in a burning cape Some like it hot.

< br>Julia Fox posed on the roof of New York in a burning cape After Kanye West (Kanye West) and Julia Fox (Julia Fox) broke up, the actress does not get tired to amaze netizens with her outrageous images. Thanks to this, her popularity is still on the crest of the wave.

Julia Fox on fire posed on the roof of New York with a cape

And we must pay tribute to Julia, her imagination has no limits, every day her crazy outfits become even more crazy.
At first it was just very sexy “bows”: open crop tops, latex suits, leather pants or figure-hugging skirts; platform shoes or high leather boots.

Julia Fox posed on a rooftop in New York with a burning cape

In general, Julia often opts for black leather or latex.

The possibilities are endless – ultra-short shorts that barely cover strategic places, a leather vest that exposes the stomach and denim leggings that do not reach the knees.

< p> But the latest outfits have surpassed all expectations.
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