Julia Efremenkova caught ex-boyfriend of infidelity

Юлия Ефременкова уличила экс-бойфренда в неверности Sergey Kucherov was invited to their apartment women. Julia Efremenkova long concealed his suspicions, but eventually broke down and told about them during the next broadcast of “House-2”. However, the man strongly disagrees with the accusations.
Юлия Ефременкова уличила экс-бойфренда в неверности

For many months Sergey Kucherov and Julia Efremenkova was considered one of the brightest pairs on the project “Dom-2”. Lovers often quarrel, but always found a common language. In the end, the girl was offered a job leading, and the stars of the TV show had to leave the perimeter.

A few weeks later it turned out that Yulia and Sergei and I broke up. They tried not to comment on the reasons for the gap. The girl had suffered greatly, and during one of the meetings with the ex-lover even cried.

Now, however, fans learned why the stars were able to leave. During another broadcast of “House-2” Julia Kucherova accused of infidelity.

“You called to the house where my things are, where the bed where you slept with me, bub. Fortunately, Nastya Kocherva girl with brains, and she never went,” said Julia.

Her words angered Sergei, after which the man began to prove his innocence. However, in the conversation decided to join the third party. Anastasia Kochorva said that she has correspondence to prove the Kucherova flirting with her.

“I have correspondence, I said, “No, in any case, if you have a relationship, I’m not going anywhere”, – told Anastasia.

Revealed the facts of angered all the audience, because the relationship of Julia and Sergey seemed perfect. He Kucherov started arguing with Kocherva, insulting her and accusing him of insincerity. In the end, the girl stood up her current lover Andrey sabarin.

Judging by the reaction of Efremenkova, she does not want the revival of relations with Kuczerawy. Now the girl is completely absorbed in a television career. His spare time is devoted to meetings with friends.

Fans believe that because of the infidelity of Sergei and ruptured. They support Efremenkova, not tired to wish her personal happiness. “Such a void in front of Julia. It is evident that she still worries about it”, “don’t understand men. How can I change such a beautiful girl? Although it may have been just trying”, “You can do better. So what ends up to experience” – opinions of fans of the presenter.

Judging by the video, published on the public Dom2_reality long-awaited reconciliation, Efremenkova and Kucherov will not take place. Between the ex-lovers had too many contradictions, which prevent them to find common ground.