Юлия Высоцкая открыла правду о жизни с Андреем Кончаловским The presenter told us about the atmosphere in which it operates. Julia Vysotskaya and Andrei Konchalovsky was repeatedly carried out joint projects. The actress admits that her husband has a positive effect on people.

      Юлия Высоцкая открыла правду о жизни с Андреем Кончаловским

      Julia Vysotskaya and Andrei Konchalovsky are a harmonious couple is not only at home but also at work. The couple carried out many joint projects. The Director invited his wife to play in such popular films as “House of fools”, “the Nutcracker” and others. Interestingly, on the set and in the theatre the couple rarely have disagreements. Julia admires the way her husband works. Andrey Sergeevich, in turn, creates favorite comfortable conditions for disclosure of creative potential.

      Before the show he always tells us: “I hope that today you will meet with your personality.” I think it is very interesting, because he is a true Creator,” praises wife worked for.

      Konchalovsky with great respect for my colleagues. According to Yulia, everywhere, where it is located, and an atmosphere of love. Vysotsky believes that people feel better next to the Director.

      “Andrei Sergeevich, first, just a very nice person, very easy to work and live too. Live – it varies, but for work, its all love on the set and he loves all. Such an atmosphere of love, I say without any pathos. There is no baby talk, just for him so important that he does what I know to myself that I’m next to him another man. I even see it on their friends when it is not, it’s another talk. All better, he really inspires all good”, – says the actress.

      Interestingly, colleagues of the pair, who are observing the relationship of the stars from the side, notice that the famous family there is a strict division of responsibilities. At the same time Yulia very carefully refers to wife – keeps it on time and ate only healthy food. “At work, during rehearsals, they always keep their distance – Vysotskaya calls her husband Andrey Sergeevich, at you is drawn to him – says “StarHit” Theater actress. Moscow City Council Irina Kartasheva. Only she, of course, feeds. Often brings cooked food in the break covering him in the dressing room”.

      Mother Julia Vysotskaya, for the first time about his daughter’s marriage: “the only Trouble was rallied them with Konchalovsky”

      She worked about the relationship with her husband outside of work, prefers not to talk. She just hinted that her family is all well. “I think that the relationship only then a harmonious, when they are horizontal. Relationship to vertical when you’re my God and I your slave, or Vice versa, I should serve…” – says the actress in an interview with Natalia Sindeeva for the TV channel “Rain”.

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