Юлия Высоцкая не приехала на похороны бывшего жениха Student friends of Yulia Vysotskaya opened the facts of her early biography. It turned out, the star agreed to a sham marriage with Anatoly Cat for registration. She met with actor Igor Sidorenko, whose funeral and has not visited, despite years of relationship.
Юлия Высоцкая не приехала на похороны бывшего жениха

Fans of Julia Vysotskaya know how happy the wife of Andrei Konchalovsky, in marriage, with whom the actress is already 20 years old. However, few fans know that in his student years the star was married to a colleague in the creative professions Anatoly Cat.

About that period of his life Vysotskaya prefers not to remember. But her student friends decided to give candid interviews, shocking the public by several recognitions. As it turned out, the marriage of Julia and Anatoly were fictitious, and in fact, the star tied a love relationship with another man, actor Igor Sidorenko.

Elect Vysotskaya been drinking that became a reason for conflict. When Vysotsky Konchalovsky met and married him, Sidorenko was broken.

“The news that the avatar had given him, a novice actor, world famous film Director, finally knocked Igor out of a rut, because they were together for six years. He left in the bout. In the profession one failure followed another. He tried to work as an advertising agent, but there has not developed,” — said friends of Igor Sidorenko.
Юлия Высоцкая не приехала на похороны бывшего жениха

Later, the ex-lover Vysotskaya married the girl far from acting. Fiancee gave birth to Sidorenko child, and it helped him to give up bad habits. However, the old allowed periodically reminded about itself, and in the end it is because of them, Igor was finished.

“Igor gave up drinking, was going to get back into the profession. He was invited to work in the Theatre for young audiences. And suddenly, the tragedy occurred. One day Igor was on some kind of booze in his native town. There he was bludgeoned to death by a stone on the head. The perpetrator was never found,” said the actress Anna Sirotina.
Юлия Высоцкая не приехала на похороны бывшего жениха

According to the student’s friends Vysotskaya, the tragedy occurred in 2000, after only a few years after the breakup of Julia and Igor. At the funeral of actor was attended only by a few relatives. But from the colleagues on the stage, the memorial service was attended by Anatoly kot. The wife of Andrei Konchalovsky to honor the memory of former Deputy, with whom she lived for six years, and did not come.

First husband of 44 years, Vysotskaya admits that now they almost do not communicate. Between the former spouses was not of conflict, but because of the constant employment it is difficult to find time to meet. “We are on the same course studied, and I helped her with the registration that marriage. Now everyone has their own life, little contact. She’s 20 years together with Andrei Konchalovsky. And what a great role she had in the movie and in the theater! It is her merit, not just venerable husband,” — said the artist.

Ex-husband of the actress is also able to be realized in the profession. So, the man played a prominent role in the series “Margot”, “Soldiers” and “Junior”.

Communicating with Eg.ru Anatoly said that Julia Vysotskaya is absolutely happy with Konchalovsky and does not like to remember the mistakes of the youth. The actress prefers not to comment on the tragic death of a former lover and a marriage that helped her obtain her first job in the theater.