Юлия Чичерина: «Шоу-бизнес не дает ни счастья, ни удовлетворения» “StarHit” decided to find out about the life of stars of the 2000s. Yulia Chicherina shared his views on modern music, respect the artists, and also spoke about his main passion – caring for Pets.
Юлия Чичерина: «Шоу-бизнес не дает ни счастья, ни удовлетворения»

In the early 2000s songs Yulia Chicherina knew by heart almost the entire country. Her song “Tu-Lu-La”, “Saucers”, “My rock-n-roll”, which was released in duet with group “Bi-2”, was a tremendous success. Some fans believe the artist of this icon of the era of that time. The songs sounded almost on all radio stations, and the clips were surprised by the originality and eccentricity. Now, however, the composition of Yulia Chicherina not so often flashed in the air, and the artist will not meet at any social event. “StarHit” decided to find out what living star of the 2000s.

This year your group “Chicherina” celebrates its 20th anniversary. What special events you can mention during your creative journey?
Юлия Чичерина: «Шоу-бизнес не дает ни счастья, ни удовлетворения»Key points – this is the beginning, 1997. Then I created a group in 1999 my songs heard across the country. I left my home city of Sverdlovsk, and began to live in Moscow. But in 2003 ended a five-year contract with “real records” so I went to the free swimming. Got married and finally moved from the capital to environmentally friendly suburbs. Also a lot and a long time to travel around the world. 11 years ago I lived in new York, where he created the album “the Bird Man”, was fascinated by the charity. In 2007-2008-m traveled by car across Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus with concerts in the framework of the Federal program “stop AIDS”, in promoting the protection of people diagnosed with HIV. 2011 – journey to Tibet by car on the most mountainous road in the world, with a long off-road areas and elements of the means of tracking mountain Hiking, visit places of power, based travel created the album “the Tale of the journey and the search for happiness”. March 2014 – supported by the residents of Sevastopol before the Crimea referendum. New 2015-th year I met with residents of besieged Lugansk, held charity concerts to this day continue to visit the Donbass from charity events and dedicate a new song to the heroic confrontation of the people.
Now your songs are rarely played on the radio, and there are almost no clips on TV. What is the reason for your disappearance?
Юлия Чичерина: «Шоу-бизнес не дает ни счастья, ни удовлетворения»In 2003 I chose a free work, without exhausting touring, metric appearances in the press and the body-box, no longer seriously to be engaged in show business. Instead, take the time to self-development and help others.—
In the late 90s and early 2000s, you were constantly on the ear. I miss the incredible popularity?
Юлия Чичерина: «Шоу-бизнес не дает ни счастья, ни удовлетворения»Everyone has their own way. The popularity was the test of copper pipes. I think I passed it successfully and completed the stage.—
How do you feel about the Russian show-business? Is there one contemporary performers who, in your opinion, do quality music?
Юлия Чичерина: «Шоу-бизнес не дает ни счастья, ни удовлетворения»Russia occupies half the world and is rich in talented artists. Professional show business, born in Hollywood, poorly adapted for our country. This is a cynical world filled with vanity and hypocrisy, he does not give neither happiness nor satisfaction. It’s not the job of scientists or rescue workers for the benefit of society, and inflated the bubble, alluring fame and money, the grinding of naive people like a meat grinder. If time does not jump, you have your whole life to pretend to be the most “beautiful”, “young”, “not thick”, with artificial teeth and stretched skin, “happy”, “rich” and lose myself completely. I call it shot down values. With great compassion relate to the professional workers of show business and happy to be free from this.
Some Russian singers you like? Maybe you follow someone else’s creativity?
Юлия Чичерина: «Шоу-бизнес не дает ни счастья, ни удовлетворения»I’m not an audiophile and do not create idols. To the “circuses” I like to “bread” is quite pragmatic, understanding the nature of this necessity. Much more I’m interested in natural phenomena, the history of the world, life and experience of great men who know the secrets and trying to pass on good experiences to individuals, such as Sergius of Radonezh, John of Kronstadt, Milarepa, Hazrat Inayat Khan, and many others. Sure, now there are such people, but the laws of nature of grain separated from the chaff over time. Modern artists I appreciate human qualities than talent or virtuosity of the game. I like self-sacrifice, unselfishness, sincerity and ability to stop in time, realizing his error, repentance.

Surely you know about the existence of a group such as “Mushrooms”. Do you think what caused this is the success of their songs?
Юлия Чичерина: «Шоу-бизнес не дает ни счастья, ни удовлетворения»I don’t study the secrets of management and promotion of talented artists to the masses, and holding the attention of the audience to make a profit. Perhaps this is affected by the phases of the moon and movements of planets may be new technologies on the Internet are driven by desires, passions and fashion in the post-Soviet space, which is fundamentally different from the Chinese, Indians and Anglo-Saxons. But it is certainly not teaching us to be better. It is no secret that neither one of the girls screaming at the concerts of “the Beatles” or those “fashionistas”, still copy their style of play did not find happiness.—
Now known to become very simple thanks to social networks, and you were on the wave of success, when the Internet was not so common. What do you think, could the current stars to get closer to that glory which was with you?
Юлия Чичерина: «Шоу-бизнес не дает ни счастья, ни удовлетворения»Now all the passion is much more powerful – there technology, and time has accelerated, supernovae flare up and die down, even changing the human brain. Important not to get lost in the flow of the idols and keep the true values.—
As you think what to do for modern artists to remain interesting to the public?
Юлия Чичерина: «Шоу-бизнес не дает ни счастья, ни удовлетворения»Explore the secrets of the flashes of popularity, socialite, metric to remind myself strange antics, to flatter or provoke their audience (plant it on yourself), use crowdfunding to the man in the street, participating in production, jumped from the consumption of the product, to inflate a huge staff, who will explore the new trends of fashion trends of the consumer. Establish contacts with managers leading music and news channels and radio stations, effectively ending your career choking on vomit or shooting himself in the head with a gun like Kurt Cobain. But it will not bring them closer to happiness. Let me remind all artists who craves the attention of the layman as children, standing on stools, praise his infinitely numerous moms, aunts, grandmas and excitable roommates that blessed are the poor in spirit, the talent of the artist – not to his credit, and is given above and should be used for good. Otherwise, a fall into infinite darkness guaranteed.

You travel a lot around the world with her husband. Which countries made a lasting impression on you?
Юлия Чичерина: «Шоу-бизнес не дает ни счастья, ни удовлетворения»Every country is beautiful in its own way, blending in with the planet. Most of all I love my Russia and my dream is to visit space, to see Earth from outside.

You house a lot of Pets. How did your passion?
Юлия Чичерина: «Шоу-бизнес не дает ни счастья, ни удовлетворения»People are born either loving animals, or fearing them or wanting to dominate them. I was lucky – I really love animals, they give me strength and I admire their perfection. They are all ancient humanity and, therefore, more experienced. —
How your husband relates to the fact that in your house so many Pets?
Юлия Чичерина: «Шоу-бизнес не дает ни счастья, ни удовлетворения»The husband shares my love to the world.—
As now you have live animals?
Юлия Чичерина: «Шоу-бизнес не дает ни счастья, ни удовлетворения»I have nine dogs, horse, spotted deer, Serval, cat, bees and fish. My family and I care about them.—
Did you find that dog saved your house from burglars?
Most of my dogs are Belgian shepherds, Malinois and Groenendael. Usually the representatives of these breeds serve in the army and police are used to search for explosives and neutralization of snipers and criminals. Among themselves sometimes can not get along, because of this, you need to be very careful that they are not grappled. Because the area where I live similar to a zoo, where each has their own enclosure. Even wild animals bypass our house party, not to mention robbers.