Юлия Высоцкая не в силах говорить о дочери The presenter believes that this is not something she has the right to share. Julia is grateful to all who are worried about the health of Masha. Now the actress is back to work.

      Юлия Высоцкая не в силах говорить о дочери

      For more than two years, the doctors fight for life of the daughter of the actress and TV presenter Yulia Vysotskaya and her husband, film Director Andrei Konchalovsky. After a terrible car accident, which hit the family in 2013, suffered their eldest heiress Mary. For a long time, doctors try to regain the girl health. Naturally, for parents this incident was a severe blow, so they have little to brag about that and not Frank with the public about the health of his daughter.

      Julia Vysotskaya about the health of his daughter: “We work, we move, going very, very slowly”

      “You must understand me, I really very difficult to speak on this subject. No matter what I said – this will not be enough… It’s not something I’m entitled to share. I am grateful to everyone who empathizes. I thank everyone who writes letters. Important to us this support. But I can’t talk about it in any angle, any way…I tried to record a greeting before you begin to work. To make people understand: this is life, and there are many components. Something I can show and explain what you want to remain silent. What is it, my life is whole – it is my business,” admitted Julia.

      Relatives of the family also sparingly speak about the daughter’s condition Vysotskaya and Konchalovsky. They are sensitive to the fact that the couple are very worried about Masha and trying once again to reveal the soul, especially when it comes to strangers. Not so long ago the son of Andrei Konchalovsky, Yegor just reveal the secret what the promotion has in the treatment of Masha.

      “I recently was at my sister’s, she’s better. But I don’t know how much better because I don’t know how much she was hurting. This is the only Julia knows what they’ve been through, I have no idea…” – said Konchalovsky in an interview.

      It will be recalled that after the tragic incident Vysotskaya delete the account from the social network. Then she believed that the culprit was her habit to share with podarunki your happiness and put family life on display. It is believed that too much shared with other people with joy when it was necessary to keep. Now, Julia has imposed a taboo on the family theme in dealing with outsiders and prefers to talk about work or other components of your life.

      “But the work is also a part of my life, one of the… That, in fact, in work I came back!” – Vysotskaya told in interview to the edition “7 days”.

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