Юлия Барановская попала в конфликтную ситуацию из-за свадьбы с Андреем Аршавиным
The presenter argued with Catherine Strizhenovoj.

Yulia Baranovskaya with children

Photo: @baranovskaya_tv Instagram Yulia Baranovskaya

Julia Baranovskaya were linked in verbal sparring with Catherine Strizhenovoj in the program “Time will tell”. What could embroil the two stars of the First channel? Strizhenova, celebrated this year’s pearl wedding (30 years), opposed the adoption of the law on the recognition of civil marriage official after five years of relationship the couple. She was sure that, if a man during this time has not made his beloved proposal of marriage, he does not want to start a family with this particular girl.

“In my opinion, this will finally kill the institution of marriage. Marriage is already affected, and you want to finish it. I believe that if people did not want to marry you, then it is a question of a woman!” — said Catherine. Her words touched those present in the Studio Yulia Baranovskaya, which actively supported the idea of equating civil marriage official.

“This must be the stone in my garden. I have lived for many years in a civil marriage, left in the end alone. And I think that equating, on the contrary, prostimulirujte. When the couple realize that the responsibility in the marriage that no marriage is the same, they will go and register their relationship. Eleven years no one had a doubt that my husband’s family. But when he Packed up and left, turns out we’re not a family. And divide us nothing will. And all the responsibility is gone. So I say now: I have children differ from other children? My family something different? It was a family,” reacted to the statement by Strizhenovoj Baranovskaya.

Julia, as you know 11 years was in civil marriage with football player Andrey Arshavin. During this time the couple had three children. But then the athlete has left from his beloved, leaving her without support. Only through court Baranovskaya managed to achieve financial support from Arshavin.