Юлия Барановская смогла улететь с детьми за границу TV presenter, along with his sons and daughter went to Sunny Barcelona, where he took part in the charity run, which took place on-site entertainment theme Park “Port Aventura”.

      Юлия Барановская смогла улететь с детьми за границу

      TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya went with the heirs of Arseniy, Artem and Yana to Barcelona on vacation. The star has overcome many difficulties to arrange the departure of children abroad. For a long time, her ex-husband Andrey Arshavin did not sign the resolution that would allow the baranouskaya to fly with children in other countries. According to the lawyer of the TV presenter, to date, Andrew has paid all the debts his ex-wife alimony. However, with the sons and daughter he never sees and calls up.

      Baranovskaya called for Arshavin to reconnect with children

      Arseny, Artem and Yana not deprived of attention. Leading spends with the heirs all my free time. During a trip to Barcelona they were also accompanied by the agent and a close friend of Kim Petro Sheksheev, which showed photographs from the trip on the pages in social networks. Together with Arseniy and Julia, he took part in the charity run, which took place in the Park “Port Aventura”.

      “The usual seven kilometers ran with weights in the form of the younger Arshavin on his shoulders, and his mother, who never in my life anywhere further than from the dressing room to the Studio is not running. But to give her her due: for the sake of the useful things I decided to take this sports feat. But finished with an honorary escort in the form of cyclists, police officers and security guards on Segways, which accompanied us the entire last part of the journey. Finished the applause”, – said Sheksheev.
      Юлия Барановская смогла улететь с детьми за границу

      During a visit to Barcelona family Baranovskaya enjoyed the walk around the city. On Yulia and children unforgettable impression temple of the architect Antoni gaudí’s Sagrada Familia. During his stay in Barcelona Baranovskaya with the heirs visited the national art Museum of Catalonia, after which they took a ride on the tram and climbed the mountain to see the Temple of the sacred Heart. For Canopy, Themes, and Jana’s trip to Spain was an adventure.

      According to Yulia, Arshavin heirs do not hold resentment toward his father. They know dad loves them too. “Our children understand this correctly, because they are very busy. They have no time to be discouraged about the fact that daddy is not coming and not calling. Probably still could at least write text messages,” said Baranovskaya in an interview.

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