Юлия Барановская: мать Татьяна Братцева

Having gone through a divorce, gave her very hard, Yulia Baranovskaya managed to find the strength and prove to my ex-husband that she can achieve many things in life and be an example for their children and for women caught in the same difficult situation as she is. The mother of Yulia Baranovskaya Bratceva Tatiana not only supported her in a difficult period of life, but have always been a model of optimism and faith in their own strength.

The Mother Of Yulia Baranovskaya

Julia grew up in a large family, –Tatyana has raised three daughters, the eldest among whom was Julia. Two younger sisters Baranovskaya Xenia and Alexander appeared in the second marriage of the mother and Julia a very warm relationship, they have become very close friends, despite the great difference in age.

		Юлия Барановская: мать Татьяна Братцева

Photo: the mother of Yulia Baranovskaya Tatiana Bratceva daughter

Tatyana has always helped oldest daughter and are now coming from St. Petersburg, where he lives, to Yulia to Moscow to see their grandchildren and to communicate with her daughter.

		Юлия Барановская: мать Татьяна Братцева

Together with them, Tatiana loves to travel – they have already visited many corners of the world, and the most vivid impression was left of their trip to Paris.

		Юлия Барановская: мать Татьяна Братцева

On the photo: Tatyana Bratceva daughters

The mother of Yulia Baranovskaya said that a joint vacation gives her the opportunity to communicate with her daughter because in a normal life time for it is not, and they can speak only at night, when talking almost does not remain.

		Юлия Барановская: мать Татьяна Братцева

Yulia Baranovskaya mom

Tatiana tries to maintain good physical shape and prefer active way of life – it doesn’t recognize a lazy beach holiday and teaches this activity and their grandchildren.

		Юлия Барановская: мать Татьяна Братцева

Julia with sister

Julia always tried to take an example from her mother, often on her work, Tatiana was first an engineer and then got to school.

When the daughter was ten years old, Bratceva divorced husband, father of Julia, and live on a teacher’s salary has become impossible, so when in the mid-nineties friends offered her a place in the service center for customer service, having the car, she immediately agreed, although it was a bit scary to go directly to a supervisor position.

At first the work was very difficult:

“I didn’t know “five” by “seven”, I guys-the installers painted tables, how should I distinguish between the machines. We had no family car, and it was very difficult, but that’s mastered, eventually even learned to drive”, – says Tatiana Bratceva.

In his spare time, the mother of the presenter likes to go with friends to the theatre, the Museum, the exhibition of such places in St. Petersburg abound, or travel to a city with a rich history.

		Юлия Барановская: мать Татьяна Братцева

Another hobby Brattsevo landscape design, which she started recently. She loves working in the garden, grow flowers, to make beautiful smallholding of his country house.

		Юлия Барановская: мать Татьяна Братцева

Career Of Yulia Baranovskaya

After school on the advice of my mother, Julia went to University of aerospace instrumentation, although she wanted to study to be a journalist, but higher education has not received – after the birth of their first child Baranovskaya quit school.

		Юлия Барановская: мать Татьяна Братцева

On the photo: Julia handover “Male/Female” by Alexander Gordon

Back to the dream she was able after parting with the civil husband – a famous football player Andrey Arshavin. Having returned to Russia Baranovskaya with children settled in Moscow and got a job on television, and her debut as a TV presenter held in the project “the Bachelor” in 2013, where she led one of the headings.

		Юлия Барановская: мать Татьяна Братцева

Later she was invited to the program “Girls”, then was “Reset” and the project that has become a landmark in the career of Yulia Baranovskaya, “Male/Female”. She appears in various television programs, including “Ice age,” “women’s revolt”, the presentation of various prizes.

		Юлия Барановская: мать Татьяна Братцева

Yulia Baranovskaya with children

Now Yulia Baranovskaya career continues to evolve, and her mother, undoubtedly, was proud of her daughter and tries to support her in all endeavors.

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