Julia Aug: a terrible disease, painful death of a spouse and a multimillion-dollar debt

Юлия Ауг: страшная болезнь, мучительная смерть супруга и многомиллионный долг The actress was the guest of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Korchevnikov on the TV channel “Russia 1”. Julia Aug told about how she was betrayed by the first husband: a man went to the best friend of the artist. The happiness she found with the second civil husband, but illness and death separated them.
Юлия Ауг: страшная болезнь, мучительная смерть супруга и многомиллионный долг

Julia Aug earned the love of audiences after roles in the TV series “Ekaterina”, “Neighbors”, “Method”… Despite a successful career, personal life, the actress has experienced a lot of tragedy.

With the first husband, Stepan Zolotukhin actress met when I was studying 3rd year at the theatre school in St. Petersburg. As admitted Yulia, a young man is beautifully cared for her, almost every day gave the young actress the flowers. Soon the lovers were married. In this Union the Aug gave birth to a daughter Pauline. After birth Stepan was changed beyond recognition, the man tried to build a business, but it did not work.

“He wanted to create a prosperous platform for your business… But the business changes a man. Then the crisis came, it was very difficult. Stepan could not find work, took some warehouses still did not work. I, on the contrary, began to work, first went as a makeup artist at the TV, then I got noticed and transferred to the leading” – said Julia.
Юлия Ауг: страшная болезнь, мучительная смерть супруга и многомиллионный долг “He just left, I am very noble Stepan still. Because everything that happened to me is my life, and I didn’t want to give up. It is my treasure and my wealth. His departure has made me a very strong person,” said the actress.

Later, Julia learned that her husband left her for her best friend. Moreover, adulterer tried to go back to the Aug, but she wouldn’t forgive him.

The actress openly admitted that in difficult times, when she didn’t have stable work and after parting with Steve, she decided to take their daughter Pauline to her parents in Estonia. The girl has long lived with a grandmother in another country. The actress explained why she decided to do so.

“I with the child went to live when she was 10 years old. I probably have very weak maternal instinct, I’ve heard this from men. Can’t say that Pauline was not interested in me, but more important to me was to be myself. I even tried to persuade: what is better daughter? Mom and now a loser in the future or are already an accomplished person, next to which she’d be interested. Can’t say that I do not regret it. Periodically I regret, but I had no other way,” shared Julia.

After a bad breakup with the first husband, the actress has met his new love. And by accident. Fate brought the young programmer named Andrew. As admitted Aug, a long time between her and the man was only a friendly relationship. But misfortune seemed to bring them closer: Julia became seriously ill, she needed money for treatment.

“Andrew came and brought seven thousand dollars. At that time a fabulous sum. I had to constantly make expensive treatments, tests. We even Roman was not. He was also a very sick man, ulcerative colitis… the Doctors pulled me to the Dec on complete remission. And in March Andrew made a difficult operation,” – shared Aug.
Юлия Ауг: страшная болезнь, мучительная смерть супруга и многомиллионный долг

Soon Yulia and Andrei began to live together, the man helped the actress learn the computer. According to the memoirs of Aug, they both didn’t want to register the relationship. “We were so adults, so the stamp is not needed. Andrew was also a child, he too was divorced,” said the actress.

Andrew insisted that Julia carried her daughter to him. According to Aug, Pauline became friends with the new lover mom.

He tried to provide for the family. Man, as first husband of the actress, had intended to build a business. “Andrey has mortgaged the house in which we lived… I was allowed because I saw that he is incredibly happy. It seemed to him that Andrew will be able to place in the flower business. The main thing that he liked. He has taken a loan secured from a private investor… Yeah, that ruined our life. to pay the debt failed,” – said Aug.

Before March 8 Andrew ordered a huge batch of flowers. But in 2012, in early spring, hit the intense cold. Trucks with a load stuck on the tracks, the entire product was spoiled.

Юлия Ауг: страшная болезнь, мучительная смерть супруга и многомиллионный долг “Andrew has experienced it all. He suffered a minor stroke. One, then a second. It is very scary to see, to watch… You know one person with an encyclopaedic knowledge and it becomes another. He began to break down the personality, Andrew could not independently make the decision,” shared Julia.

Two years later, after a long and painful illness, Andrew died. The actress had alone to pay the huge debt on the loan. Despite this, Julia admitted that to this day remembers and loves the spouse.

“The first year after his death… For me it was unbearable. I went all the time and thought through it is impossible. I had debts that had to give. It is not clear, something to live for. Then another year goes by and you slowly start to feel alive, and two years later you come back this emotion, as joy,” says the actress.