Julia answered the detractors

Юлия Высоцкая ответила недоброжелателям
The actress commented on the accusations in his address.

Photo: Sergei Bermeniev

In comments to the news from the life of Julia Vysotskaya no-no and will meet the reproach actress, saying that she leads culinary programs and courses because there is little demand in the movie. Yulia answers the detractors:

“I don’t consider a job in the kitchen in front of the camera or not something shameful. Moreover, the work leading the culinary program is just the hypostasis of the artist. It’s not that as I’m chopping onions, and that I can infect you any cooking show and you will want to do it. Infectiousness is one of the necessary skills, which must possess a professional actor. I’m cooking transfer as a professional actress and not as a professional chef. And I, unfortunately, not enough special education, I would like to know more.”

Julia says that her son Peter, too, was infected from the mother’s passion for cooking. He loves and knows how to cook. Moreover, he is versed in the products. “In three years, Peter asked: “please Give me cheese,” recalls Popov. And when they give him cheese, he said, “I asked for Parmesan, and that Gruyere”. Perhaps your readers would be Slippers at me to leave: “Here they are, the suckers!” But I must say that the events described took place long before the sanctions. In General, we love to eat is a pleasure, which we appreciate. But this does not mean that I cook from morning to night and we are endlessly eat it”.

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