Julia Alibekova punishes children

Юлия Салибекова наказывает детей
Fans of the popular TV show “Dom-2” are watching with interest the life of ex-member of Yulia Alibekova.

Юлия Салибекова наказывает детей

The girl with her husband, former participants, Tigran by Alibekova raising two sons.

The other day Julia told us that boys grow up to be real pranksters, so it is sometimes necessary to punish them.

“Sometimes it becomes unbearable from their pranks, and the most insulting that nothing helps. We educate them real men, therefore, the measures taken are appropriate. In our family the authority of Tigran. Here he is in these matters is very strict. It only takes one sentence to Roland and Eldar understood. They do fear and respect. And when I’m with them alone, you know, any threats and blackmail, they say, will not get a machine or TV – manipulation of despair. Actually, we both will natricum, and put in the corner, and will take if needed,” said the girl.

It should be noted that spouses also help the parents of Tigran, sometimes taking the children to her.

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