Юлия Салибекова оправдалась за скандальный эфир об Алеше Шимко The star of “House-2” claims that she was misunderstood. Julia Alibekova became a member of the program “Let them talk”, which discussed the big story about the downed kid in Balashikha. Ex-participant reality show called family boy not to exaggerate this theme and release it for the memory of his son.
Юлия Салибекова оправдалась за скандальный эфир об Алеше Шимко

Eks-the participant “Houses-2” Julia Alibekova on Thursday took part in a popular talk-show of First channel “Let speak”. The broadcast was devoted to the death of six-year-old baby Alesha Shimko under the wheels of the car. Came to the Studio the boy’s father Roman Shimko, who was incredibly difficult to hear everything that evening spoke on the program. The man had to relive the most terrible moments of his life. Novel coming on the show to prove the absurdity of the results of the examination which found in the blood of his dead son alcohol. All Studio supported the unhappy father, and demanded to punish guilty of death of Alyosha to the fullest extent.

And only Julia Alibekova appealed to the Roman Shimko with the request to release the story.

Юлия Салибекова оправдалась за скандальный эфир об Алеше Шимко“I condole with you very much, it is such a pain,’ said Julia, barely holding back tears. – I am the mother of two sons, and the eldest is the same age as your Leshi. But you see, entering the path of war, you will bring your boy back. It may be wise to let this woman didn’t want to kill your child, she’s just careless. In our world we need the child’s hand to release at the site. Such drivers darkness. Not all jail. If you continue the proceedings, you will only besmirch the honor of the child.”

The Studio was outraged with the performance of Alibekova. But then the young woman pounced with charges in social networks.

The case of the dead in the accident “drunken” boy took a new twist

Eks-the participant “Houses-2” later said that her words were misinterpreted, however, gave to understand that not changed her point of view on the story of Alex Shimko.

“The public has misinterpreted my words. I only said that I want the child’s father stopped the PR machine! That their son will not return! If we now say that the blood of a six year old boy found alcohol, I can’t imagine what will happen next! I condemn the woman who hit the kid. And I condemn any driver who has committed such a terrible crime. But this place may be one of us. She will get what he deserves according to the law! All conversations only hurt the parents, which and so it’s not easy,” said Julia Alibekova.

The incident, which now continues to investigate the police and the public occurred on April 23 in Balashikha. 31-the summer inhabitant of Moscow suburbs Olga beneficial, driving a car, violated traffic rules and hit a six-year-old Alex Shimko. From the received traumas the child died on the spot. Later experts have established that in the blood Alyosha alcohol was detected, the dose of which was 2.7 ppm, which is equivalent to a bottle of vodka in the adult human body.