Юлия Салибекова готовится стать мамой в третий раз The star of “House-2” announced the happy news in his microblog. Their family is preparing for the replenishment. Julia and Tigran have two sons, and soon they will have another baby. The pair still keeps secret the baby’s gender.
Юлия Салибекова готовится стать мамой в третий раз

The stars of the TV project “Dom-2” Julia and Tigran Salibekov are preparing to become parents for the third time. The couple already raising two sons. Over a long period of time ex-contestant of reality show and posted pictures on microblog in bulk things that conceal the figure, so many followers have any questions about her pregnancy. Today a young woman stopped to hide the interesting position and made a statement on the personal page in the Network.

“I want to share with you the happy news! Yes, our family Saribekovich waiting for replenishment! Now we will have more, us will be even more fun! Yay! I can not mention my pleasant surprise! How many good wishes and joy I read in the comments from my followers! Honestly, I am very pleased that so many people are glad for us and wish our family good, sincere congratulations! Waiting for someone, don’t know yet, but happy and the boy and the girl!” – reported Salibekov.

Members admire the happy family stars telestroke. Despite all the difficulties that arise from Tigran and Julia in the relationship, they are still together. The couple recently purchased a new apartment in Schelkovo in the Moscow region, where done. They chose a house very carefully to suit not only the price, but the infrastructure of the district where it is located. Julia dedicates herself to the education of their sons, Tigran and tries to work to his favorite of anything not needed.

“Two children is just incredibly hard. I have no parents, the Prime – Ossetia. Ask for help no one at all. Sometimes you have to call the nurse, and quite the trouble – she did not care. Coming home: the place is trashed, kids are having, and she looks at the number of coats, and hints at an increased payment, they say, the money is there,” said Julia, “StarHit”.

It is known that the sister of Alibekova Kate rarely helps her with the children. After the divorce with Nikita kapelush she has not been able to recover. But then she found the strength to forget about unhappy personal life and engaged in self-development. Recently Kolisnichenko has been vocal in order to succeed as a singer.