Julia Alibekova husband boasted apartment for three million

Юлия Салибекова с мужем похвастались квартирой за три миллиона Eks-participants “Houses-2” I bought a flat in the suburbs. Julia and Tigran Salibekov soon become settlers, and while the star family will have a Grand renovation. Two-bedroom apartment – second property purchased by the couple.

      One of the strongest couples emerged from the project “Dom-2” Julia and Tigran Salibekov made a fabulous gift for the New year. The couple became owners of a two bedroom apartment in a new building. Apartment eks-participants “Houses-2” is located in the residential district “Bogorodsky” of the city of Shchyolkovo is located just twenty kilometers from the MKAD. On the website of the developer stated that apartments similar to the one acquired Salibekov, there are three million three hundred thousand rubles.

      The good news about buying real estate by Julia and Tigran shared in a microblog, posting a video of how they together with his sons Roland and Eldar made a tour of his new home.

      “Today we have a great day, we are going to get the keys to her brand new apartment. Yay! – not hiding emotions reported by spouses. – This is our second apartment!”

      Saribekovich apartment located on the thirteenth floor of a brand new skyscraper. The pair has shown that there is a balcony with a beautiful view of the neighborhood. Now the family will have a pleasant hassle associated with the repair of housing. Tigran and Julia has already made an announcement about finding teams of finishers.

      Followers of Julia Alibekova congratulated her husband with such a great purchase, and wished them in the future must become the masters, and even at home. “You are geniuses, congratulations”, “Let God and the house a good purchase in the future. Congratulations!”, “This joy, you geniuses! Tigran and Julia, congratulations to you and your children, with the new house!”, “Well done! Very happy for you, settle, nest in your nest. Comfort you!”, – written by fans of a family eks-participants “Houses-2”.

      By the way, Tigran and Julia Alibekova is not the only “graduates” of the reality show, which closed this year their housing problem. In a new home in the near future I plan to move Sergei and Daria Pynzar. Sergey and Daria Pynzar move into a posh house

      In the spring the family purchased a two-story townhouse with an area of 120 square meters in the suburban village of “Sport town” is 15 km from the capital. About moving the wife thought after the birth of their second child – may 16, Dasha gave birth to the son of David, they also bring 5-year-old Artem.

      “We have long dreamed to live in the house, said “StarHit” Daria. – I want the Theme and David grew up in the fresh air of the forest. In addition, it is likely we will not stop on two children, and then just need a big house.”