Julia Alibekova: “Fadeev hard to wash off Oleg Miami from the glory of “House-2”

Юлия Салибекова: «Фадееву тяжело отмыть Олега Майами от славы «Дома-2» Star telestroke said the famous producer on his recent post on Instagram. In this Maxim Fadeev has urged participants of various shows not to apply to audition for the group SEREBRO. Julia Alibekova admitted that she was hurt by the words of the composer, and she is unable to remain silent.
Юлия Салибекова: «Фадееву тяжело отмыть Олега Майами от славы «Дома-2»

Recently the soloist of the popular band SEREBRO Pauline favorskaya informed fans about leaving the team. To find a replacement girl producer group Maxim Fadeev announced the online casting in place in the famous trio. However, having watched the videos of the candidates the musician hastened to publish in the microblogging post, recommending the parties to questionable projects not to enroll. Such a statement men created a furor and caused many disputes in the Network. However, most of the words of the composer touched the stars themselves a reality show. The star of “House-2” Julia Alibekova decided to answer Fadeev.

“This post caused a lot of negativity in my direction. I was threatened by ridicule, scathing reviews, discussion. I believe that Maxim in your message unjustly wronged all former participants of the TV show, saying that the alleged bad reputation and stigma prevent further promotion and development. You have to understand that Maxim Fadeev is not the last person in our show business, listen to his opinion. So he gave us this stigma,” – says a young woman.

Julia said that was not sensitive to celebrity and calmly reacting to something that didn’t fit the role of a vocalist. According to her, unpleasant emotions she brought the wording of its failure. Brunette also added that the suspects and the motives for this behavior of men.

“Not good, please. Fadeev – producer, Creator SEREBRO and other projects. Only he can decide who should take the team and why, but he could speak softer. Perhaps many were afraid to fill out forms for participation in the casting of already famous people, so he decided to support the budding artists in this way”, – says the singer.

In his message to fans, the musician said that in his production the centre is a former reality show participant Oleg Miami. Fadeev said that he took a lot of time and effort to create him a new image and reputation. Salibekov admitted that he has a different opinion on this matter.

“Maxim wrote that it would be hard to launder Oleg Miami from the glory of “House-2″, and that after the project it was not taken seriously, but there Oleg was weak, ever-rushing guy, laughed at him. With this glory he went away, and it now does not allow him to look serious, despite the talent and patronage Fadeeva,” says Julia.

The star of the popular electroni stressed that she never regretted that once came to look for love on the show. Woman grateful to the creators of the program for new opportunities and horizons, which they opened in front of her.

“I am extremely sensitive to its reputation and I am very sad that now you reproach me in participating in “House-2″. It is fortunate that I was on the project – he gave me everything, taught to live, to speak, gave me a beloved wife, two children gave a start in life. It’s not a show defames the name and the behavior of a particular person,” continues Salibekov.

Despite the refusal of the producer, Julia does not intend to leave a class. Brunette plans to delight subscribers with new songs, including executed jointly with her husband, Tigran. Salibekov noted that he did not hold a grudge against a celebrity, and hopes soon to see the trio of new artist.

Kolisnichenko about the scandal at the audition for SEREBRO: “it would be Better Fadeev thanked us for the interest”

“By submitting, we didn’t want to prove anything, we just genuinely wanted to work with Maxim Fadeev. Therefore, his post attracted a storm of negative emotions, because I just want to sing and develop. In any case, thanks to him, that I took the time and watched our videos – very nice. I wish him to find those soloists, which he wanted,” said Julia.