Julia Alibekova boasted a luxurious design a new apartment

Юлия Салибекова похвасталась роскошным дизайном новой квартиры The family eks-participants “Houses-2” completes the fixation of the “kopeck piece”. Julia and Tigran Salibekov getting ready to move in Shchelkovo, where on the eve of New year they bought their own homes.

      One of the strongest couples that came from the project “Dom-2” Tigran and Julia Alibekova a few days will move into a new apartment. In a “kopeck piece” in the suburban Shchelkovo lasted for three months, and now are finishing work. The pair already made your new home beautiful furniture, the kitchen and the bathroom comes with appliances, the Windows have stylish curtains.

      Exclusive photos of Lyudmila Putina with a new satellite

      All the details of repair and work on creating a unique interior home Julia Alibekova told subscribers microblog over the past months. Photo and video reports in the “instagrame” former participant “Houses-2” it is evident that Julia and Tigran Salibekov with great love and inspiration are engaged in the construction of his new two-bedroom apartments.

      “Good news, friends! Next week we move! Yay! I already can not wait until this moment, I want to Wake up finally in a luxury bed from the masters of the solar Dagestan, and then 5 years on the couch sleeping,” wrote under a photo of his luxurious bedrooms Yulia Salibekov.

      The whole apartment is the star of the family designed in the same style. Dominated by white, black, grey and Golden colors. Fans of couples in love home design Saribekovich.

      “Yulia, you have a very beautiful renovated, stylish, modern, may God grant you a happy life in your new apartment”, “you Have a very good taste, so nice work”, “How do you have a nice all new apartment! Can’t wait to see how you are going to live! Let this house be filled with happiness and children’s laughter!” – admire the subscribers Yulia Alibekova.

      Recall that the keys to a new apartment in the suburbs a couple of ex-participants “House-2” was in early December last year. Spouses have become masters of “kopeck piece” in the new building. Apartment eks-participants “Houses-2” is located in the residential district “Bogorodsky” of the city of Shchyolkovo is located just twenty kilometers from the MKAD. According to some, the acquisition cost salibekov by more than three million rubles. Julia Alibekova husband boasted apartment for three million

      Saribekovich apartment located on the thirteenth floor of a brand new skyscraper. From apartment Windows offer beautiful views of the neighborhood.