Julia Alibekova accused her husband of infidelity with her sister

Юлия Салибекова обвинила мужа в измене с ее сестрой Ekaterina Kolisnichenko answered all the questions relative to the lie detector. Ex-participant of “House-2” admitted that he sometimes stare at Tigran. Experts show “really” find out whether Kate and Julia spouse engage in sexual intimacy.
Юлия Салибекова обвинила мужа в измене с ее сестрой

Salibekov sisters Julia and Ekaterina Kolisnichenko was found in the program “really”. The first believes that her twin sister takes her husband Tigran. According to the former participant “Houses-2”, it is managed by envy, as they have a happy family, and Katya has neither husband nor children.

“No one is safe from most nasty situations in life. And I’m really ashamed of it. But I’m tired of systematic accusations. Not only am I tired and Tigran. It is a complex. But in the end, it’s sisterly competition,” said Katya.

In turn, Yulia says that she has every reason to think about betrayal. Young woman sending pictures, which depicted Kate together with Tigran. According to Alibekova, on these frames Kolisnichenko kisses and hugs her husband.

Юлия Салибекова обвинила мужа в измене с ее сестрой

Kate believes that Tigran lost interest in her sister because she wears unsexy. Broadcast showed the screenshots of the conversations Kolisnichenko husband of Julia. They are cute flirted and agreed on the meetings.

Salibekov going through, as my husband already left her once, when she was expecting their first child. Katia supported her. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” managed to return Tigran. Now Kolisnichenko refuses by any means to help their family. By the way, except Yulia the girl has no close relatives: the mother of the twins died, dad left the family when they were young, and my brother lives far away.

Юлия Салибекова обвинила мужа в измене с ее сестрой

Barely holding back tears, Julia remembered how after plastic surgery she’s had to deal with a child who was 1.5 years: to raise him up and fully serve. Then Kate refused to help.

Kolesnichenko tries to avoid trips to visit my sister. One day, while Julia was not in town, she had to spend at her apartment some time with Tigran and children. Kate admits that she was very uncomfortable.

Eks-participants “Houses-2” recognized that from an early age tried to divide men. Recently, however, Katya and Julia had a serious conflict. Salibekov allegedly told some information about her sister’s ex-husband, Nikita.

Юлия Салибекова обвинила мужа в измене с ее сестрой

An expert on the show was singer Tatiana Zaitseva. She was surprised at how the sisters fight among themselves. “First, there is a terrible rivalry. I know that. Only 15 years later I find out that my sister at the time went abroad so I didn’t take it away men,” – says the artist. When they began to understand the situation, then had a falling out. For years they had to establish a relationship.

Юлия Салибекова обвинила мужа в измене с ее сестрой

During the detector test revealed that Julia really was jealous of Catherine. According to Alibekova, her sister still not burdened by any worries.

“Look at her and me. It is free, it’s luxurious, it all turns out,” said Alibekova.

Julia complained of wild fatigue, as it helps no one to babysit the kids. When asked Catherine about envy, she answered in the negative, however, is an acknowledged lie. The greatest shock to Alibekova was the fact that Kolisnichenko was having a romantic relationship with her husband.

“It was such that we met a little earlier, then went to pick up Julia. It was, rather, the discussion of family problems,” explained Kate.

In the middle of the transfer came to the Studio Tigran salibekov. He immediately snapped at his sister Julia with accusations of lying. Was Catherine angry relatives due to the fact that they opened her eyes to the infidelity of her former husband Nikita.

Julia Alibekova called the true causes of divorce sisters

“I love my family, my wife. I love her more than life itself. Katya came in here and said the entire country that I’m flirting with her and cheating on her. I Julia the root is altered, and Kate left the twins,” said Tigran.
Юлия Салибекова обвинила мужа в измене с ее сестрой

Kolisnichenko remembered when Salibekov started pulling away from her. She believes that the couple had destroyed her family.

Юлия Салибекова обвинила мужа в измене с ее сестрой“When Julia met Tigran, I was just a bargaining chip. I just threw up in very strict environment where I had to live without her. Second moment. In 2013 I married. They I hastened to tell my husband cheated on me Nikita. You your gossip destroyed my family,” Katya said, sobbing.

Salibekov accused his wife of jealousy. Kate claims that have intentionally created this situation to show the “imperfection” of the family of Tigran and Julia.

The experts were able to answer the main question: “whether there was an intimate relationship between Tigran and Katya?”. Kolisnichenko and Salibekov said, “No.” It turned out to be true. Yulia ashamed of her husband that she could suspect him of such act.

At the end of transmission experts have found one unexpected moment. What Kate sent Julia your photos with Tigran, using a fake account.

Brother of Julia and Catherine Vladislav came to the meeting with his family. He urged them to make peace, remembering stories from their childhood.

“Never mind all these quarrels and insults. You are one,” – said Kolesnichenko.
Юлия Салибекова обвинила мужа в измене с ее сестрой