Julia admitted that he continually works on himself

Юлия Высоцкая призналась, что постоянно работает над собой
The actress believes that is not one of those people who can eat whatever they want.

Julia Vysotskaya

Photo: Sergei Bermeniev

Many believe that it is always taut and athletic Julia owes its perfect form only genetics. But, as recognized herself an actress, she has to constantly work on ourselves.

“When we met with Andrey Sergeyevich, I was pounds for six-seven more than now, — says Julia. — With all my love to the food you need to keep yourself in shape. This work daily. If I say to myself: I will not be thinking about what is harmful, what is useful today, I can all — so the next three days will not be almost nothing. My genetics, fortunately, helps to quickly deal with the excess, but you need to understand that only a few thousandths of a percent of people on Earth can eat and drink whatever they want. In any other case, as soon as you begin to smear butter on fresh bread, a little move, snacking at night, be prepared for the fact that after this you will have to work hard and to give up a lot”.

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