Juice world: 5 things about the rapper, who performed the hit single “Lucid Dreams”

Джус Ворлд: 5 вещей о рэпере, исполнившем хит «Lucid Dreams»

Джус Ворлд: 5 вещей о рэпере, исполнившем хит «Lucid Dreams»

Rapper the juice world, the world fame for its major hit “Lucid Dreams” in 2018, has died at the age of 21 years. And here are the 5 most important facts about him:

1: juice world died after suffering a heart attack. Juice world, real name Jared Anthony Higgins, was declared dead on Sunday, December 8, after suffering a seizure at Chicago midway airport, according to TMZ. Witnesses said the attack happened when he was walking through the airport after flying from California. The law enforcement sources reported that he started bleeding from his mouth when on the scene arrived medics. According to reports, the juice was still conscious when he was rushed to the hospital. “There were no signs of foul play, and all the people on Board the aircraft cooperating with the CPD and provided all their information. Currently, we expect the forensic expert cook County about the cause and manner of death.”

Джус Ворлд: 5 вещей о рэпере, исполнившем хит «Lucid Dreams»

2: Fans were stunned after hearing the shocking news. The social network was flooded with posts about the Juice after it became aware of the untimely and shocking departure of a star. “He left too early, and that’s an understatement. We lose so many young talents too soon,” wrote one fan, while another added: “I’m actually upset, I listened to all of his really cool songs for several months. 2019 so cruel”.
3: Career juice the World has only recently skyrocketed. A Chicago native best known for his hit single “Lucid Dreams”, which last year reached second place on the Billboard Hot 100. In the end, she became the 12th biggest song of 2018 and was sold over 5 million copies.

4: He began his journey of a superstar in high school. The juice, which was formerly known as Juice, the Kidd, he released his first track called “Forever” on Sound Cloud in 2015, when he was still in high school. In the end, he changed his professional name to the juice world, because it “represents taking over the world”. He continued to work with several other well-known names in R & B and hip-hop industry, including 25-year-old Lil Uzi Vert, and made tracks for the movie spider-Man: In Verse-Spider.
5: His musical influences were wide genre. Juice said that his greatest musical influence was related to the kings of rock and rap, such as Eminem and Fall Out Boy.
Our healing thoughts are extended to all who suffered from the death of the juice world.

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