Юэль Киннаман ответил на критику «Отряда самоубийц»

One of the main roles in the most anticipated premiere of the summer blockbuster “suicide Squad” JUEL kinnaman has admitted that he was disappointed when I learned about the negative reviews from critics after watching the movie.

However, hands down, the actor does not intend, and in an interview with reporters, said that its much more worried about the opinions of viewers, which at the moment is 70% of positive feedback: “of Course, I wish the reviews were positive. But in the career of the actor in the 95% we hear that something was wrong. We get a thick skin and try not to depend entirely on what other people think. The main objective of such films as “suicide Squad” — to entertain the audience. No political motive here. We tried to reach something beyond depth, just trying to display the characters honestly. Given these purposes, the opinion of the fans, for us was especially important. To be honest, I was disappointed – I think some publications have praised us not quite true. But at the same time the reaction of the fans has led me into raptures. Don’t remember when I watched this gap between the opinions of critics and audience opinion on the movie.”

Recall that Jared Leto was accused of sexual harassment on the set of “suicide Squad”.

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