Judi Dench became the absolute record holder

Джуди Денч стала абсолютной рекордсменкой
At his triumph the star of “James bond” paid for dinner.

Джуди Денч стала абсолютной рекордсменкой

Judi Dench

Photo: Splash News/East news

81-year-old Judi Dench has managed to become the owner of
a record number of theater awards Olivier’s Awards. On
the ceremony, held recently in London’s Covent garden, Judy handed her already
the eighth statuette. Such a result she was not able to reach anyone.

New statue added to the already impressive collection of award-winning stars. These include , among others, eleven (!) the BAFTA awards (British
analog film Academy overseas prize), two “Golden Globe” and one “Oscar”.

The actress was, of course, very flattered by this honor. However, did not hide that, at the same time, a little
disappointed. The fact is that, as explained by Judy, because of her victory she lost a bet. Dench
had an argument with his grandson Sam Williams, that this year the bounty is not
her and any of her colleagues. So now, as she promised, she would have for
to feed the 16-year-old Sam dinner in an expensive restaurant.

Judy only grandson — the son of her daughter Tara,
born in marriage to actor Michael Williams. Michael and Judy have lived in
a happy marriage for 30 years — until the death of the Williams in 2001 from a serious illness. Almost 10
years Judy was inconsolable. And only in 2010 she began a romantic
relationship with David Mills, a biologist working to protect nature. “I did
didn’t expect to find new love after the death of her husband. I was completely
not ready for that with me it can happen. Our relations are developing
very slowly. However, everything is absolutely wonderful!” — admitted Dench,
which the time exploring the Mills have lived here for 76 years.

However, it seems that age has no power over
Judy. In her last interview she said that even thinks about
to “retire”. “I want to work. If he were to refuse this, it would be
as sad as if I put the car in the garage and said to myself,
what I will never get!” — admitted the actress.

Judi Dench David Mills

Photo: Splash News/East news

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