Джуд Лоу прошелся в одних плавках в тизере сериала «Новый папа»

HBO published a teaser of the new season of “the Young Pope”, now called “New Dad.” Now the video is rapidly gaining popularity, and all thanks to Jude law, who in the teaser appeared in his shorts.

The teaser of the series appeared on the official YouTube channel of HBO on August 28. During the day, he collected almost 300 thousand views. It’s all thanks to Jude law, who appeared already not in the image of the “Holy” Pope.

So, the footage of the video the character Jude law in the same white suit goes in slow motion on the beach under delighted looks of girls in bikinis. He is undergoing temptation, about which shows the white light radiating from him.

“New Dad” directed by Paolo Sorrentino will be a continuation of the series “the Young Pope” about the ascent on the sacred throne of one of the youngest popes in the history of American 47-year-old cardinal, Archbishop of new York lenny Belardo (Jude law). It is known that in the new series Papa Giovanni Paolo III will play John Malkovich. Also will appear on the screen Sharon stone and Marilyn Manson.

As promised, the premiere of “New Pope” will be held at the Venice film festival, and the output of the series is scheduled for autumn.

The first season of “Young Dad” was released in 2016. In the same year it became known about the beginning of work on the series-a sequel called “New Dad.” The production of the series began at the end of 2018 in Italy.

Recall that last year came the sequel to the Fantastic creatures, where Jude played Dumbledore. The actor admitted that before shooting, it is essential to communicate with the author of the history of Harry Potter by JK Rowling: “My immediate goal is to meet JK Rowling and to talk about who Dumbledore is, what she wants to see him, to learn a little more about her vision for this character.” Second in importance for the fans was the issue of homosexual Professor Dumbledore about it once, a few years ago, she blurted Rowling.

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