Jude law doesn’t communicate with her little daughter more than a year

Джуд Лоу не общается с маленькой дочерью больше года

The star of the show “Young dad” — father of many children, but estimated it could be called hardly. At least when it comes to seven year old daughter Sophia, Lowe’s can boast great success.

Turns out, the daughter of actor not seen for a year and a half. The last meeting of the Pope and of the child took place in September 2015, when the girl’s mother Samantha Burke brought her to London. Note that the child together with mother lives in Florida.

“Jude is seen with Sofia only once a year, but the last time they saw each other in September 2015, when she and her mother visited in London. Several times they were at his house in new York and Europe, but as far as I know, he never came to see him to Florida… Sofia is a real angel! She knows who her father is and loves him. She is a beautiful little girl who really, really loved,” he told reporters friend Samantha.

Reference: introduction Lowe and Burke took place during the filming of “Sherlock Holmes” by guy Ritchie, where he played the role of Dr. Watson. A fling resulted in the pregnancy of Samantha but at this time, Jude decided to try again to build a relationship with a former lover Sienna Miller. Because waiting for the birth of Sophia, had gone to Miller. But here went wrong. Sienna Lowe traded on the singer Catherine Harding, who in 2015 has made the actor a father for the fifth time, giving birth to his daughter.

Recall that Lowe was previously married to actress Sadie frost. In marriage were born three children – two sons and a daughter.