Journalists have calculated how many operations did Barnabas

Журналисты подсчитали, сколько операций сделала Варнава

No matter how much I denied star Comedy Woman that is not addressed to plastic surgeons, but its still exposed.

A couple of months ago on his page on “Instagrame” Barnabas in response to the attacks of the followers who claimed that her lips and her nose are not your own, wrote: “by the Way, I nose not reduced. Here it is, my Imperial schnoz”.

Oh, and nothing the star did…

Apparently, the statement of Barnabas and showed the TV crew the idea to conduct its own investigation and find out the truth if the artist says about their appearance.

Somehow miraculously in the hands of the reporters were old photos of Catherine Barnabas. Journalists attributed their plastic surgeon, offered to compare the former Kate today and… the Results of Barnabas, most likely, will not like it. The difference, as they say, was obvious!

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According to the expert, the star did about seven plastic surgeries.

“Of course, made lip, nose, upper eyelid blepharoplasty and temporal lifting, perhaps liposuction, cheekbones (in addition, there was a lift) there is another drug, and to my second breast size Barnabas added two more,” said the surgeon in an interview with the program “You wouldn’t believe” on NTV.

The actress told journalists that once a very complexed because of their appearance.

“I was the ugly duckling and, as a rule, went to discos in tears, – said Ekaterina. I wears things for older brother. Just by that point abolished the form, so I went wide in sweatpants and t-shirts.”

What Barnabas like better before or after plastic surgery?

  • Definitely, after
  • Before the surgeries. She looked more natural
  • And so, so well
  • I don’t care
  • Other (write in comments)

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