Журналисты считают Мег Райан самой сложной в общении знаменитостью

Celebrities are people too, who just like us can change the mood, you can like or dislike the people with whom they are acquainted who are ready or not for revelations with strangers.

Many celebrities are quite openly talking to the media, but there are those who do not like to tell their secrets.

55-year-old actress and Director Meg Ryan is one of them.

At least such is the conclusion of journalists that were interviewing her.

Correspondents Michael Parkinson and Imona Holmes, Ryan “allergic to interviews.“

“Worldwide, she is the worst actress, which looks like an empty vessel. Talking about myself hurt her,“ said Holmes.

Media professionals claim that Meg hates to talk with reporters. Questions that she doesn’t like, she ignores, but if they answer, it does so in a strange manner and even aggressive.