Journalist Arkady Babchenko, who is supposedly killed, was alive

Журналист Аркадий Бабченко, которого якобы убили, оказался жив The man was released on bond. Arkady apologized to his wife and explained why it was necessary to do so. According to him, the operation was planned about two months. He was forbidden to disclose information about it to other people.
Журналист Аркадий Бабченко, которого якобы убили, оказался жив

Journalist Arkady Babchenko, murder written all the media, alive. Employees of SBU detained a suspect in the preparation of the assassination.

“Of course, I must now bring condolences to the family of Arkady Babchenko, but I’m not going to do that. On the contrary, I wish to congratulate his family, all of you, our entire world is watching this action and congratulate Arkady Babchenko for his third birthday,” – said the representative of the head of Department.

The journalist was also present at the press conference. “Some apology to my wife. Olga, I’m sorry, but there were no options. The operation was prepared two months. I was dedicated a month ago. The results of the operation, the person is taken, he is in custody,” said Arkady.

According to Babchenko, he showed up with documents and photo which may be only in his passport. The operation was prepared about two months, and 30 days ago, Arcadia reported that “there is order”.

In social networks began to actively comment on the sudden “resurrection” Babchenko. “The case when people per day able to read all the obituaries for yourself and to know who is enemy who is friend”, “In my opinion, a great plan, But I still thought: how beautiful is dead, well-dressed, with neat bullet wounds”, “Arkady! Thank you that I am alive! Every day I read your posts, and today I couldn’t bring myself to go to your page, until I heard you on the air,” – wrote in Facebook.

Late on Tuesday evening, the journalist shot several times in the back. Supposedly, he died in the ambulance. Shots could not be heard, as is likely, the offender used a gun with a silencer.

We will remind, the investigative Committee of Russia opened a criminal case about murder of the Russian citizen. “Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko was shot and killed on 29 may in the Ukrainian capital. In accordance with the criminal legislation of the Russia’s Investigative Committee is empowered to investigate crimes committed outside the Russian Federation in respect of Russian citizens. Over the past few years on the territory of Ukraine was already killed several Russian citizens: journalist Pavel Sheremet, the ex-MP Denis Voronenkov. The investigative Committee does not intend to ignore violent crimes against citizens of Russia”, – such message was published on the website of IC Russia.

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