Джош Дюамель целуется с Эйсой Гонсалес в Мексике

Looks like Josh Duhamel all-this is Dating Mexican actress Asou Gonzalez. Your relationship with your girl kiss actor confirmed during a vacation in Mexico.

The star enjoyed the warm sun and waters of the lagoon, Mugil, and then visited the homonymous ancient city of the Maya civilization. Then the paparazzi caught them in a kiss. Duhamel enjoyed the stay in the white suit, and the ACE looked gorgeous in a swimsuit with metallic colors.

Recall that Josh Duhamel long grieving after a breakup after 8 years of marriage with singer fergie. They broke up in September last year and in February in mass media there were messages about the new novel actor — Mexican actress Asou Gonzalez.

Evidence of a novel for a long time but recently started to appear news about Dating couples. Paparazzi captured actors to date in California. At the meeting they are constantly embraced, not ashamed of his romantic feelings. As they say insiders, the couple meets for two months, but try not to advertise their relationship.

Unlike ex-husband, fergie is going through a divorce still with tears. She recently presented to the public touching clip in which she sang about love and pain. In the interview, she allowed the tears when she started talking about marriage. “I didn’t plan it. I wanted to stay in the marriage until the end of his days… I love Josh, he’s the father of my child,” admitted fergie then.

Recall, before announcing it officially to the public the star was pretending to still be together. The couple appeared together in public, but exhibited photos in social networks, not to create rumours. Fergie told what it’s like to pretend to be still together with your ex.